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April 11, 2016  |   Our Design Projects

Dive Damai is a luxury liveaboard company which provides world class scuba diving cruises around Indonesia. Customers can go diving on board one of the two beautiful vessels with top class accommodation and scuba diving destinations.  As far as Liveaboard cruises go in Indonesia, Dive Damai is at the top of the game. For these luxury services, Dive Damai needed to improve their current website in order to modernize it and especially allow mobile users to benefit from a mobile responsive website.


At the very beginning

Here’s the old Dive Damai website

When we were originally contacted by Dive Damai’s owners, we had a full reveiw of the site to determine what was and what was not working for them.  The original website was not mobile responsive which was a big issue for them plus it really did not represent the brand very well.

Dive Damai is a luxury liveaboard company and the website did not represent the quality of the services and the vessels that Dive Damai owned. Images and text were not descriptive enough and the way users traveled through the website was not effective or user friendly.



The new website needed…

Dive Damai website
Dive Damai asked us to align their site with their company-wide branding standards.

In our initial talks with the management team at Dive Damai, they shared with us their vision of making the website a key component of the company’s marketing strategy. They assigned the following goals for us:

1. Align the visual design of the site with the company’s overall branding scheme and quality of the company.
2. Increase the inquiries coming from the website.
3. Implement an online booking system for direct bookings from the website that would allow them to control the inventory of berths for the two vessels and be easy to use from an administrative view point.
4. Preserve and increase rankings for currently performing search terms and help to develop new search terms.



The Final Website Design

Dive Damai new website
Final design, aligned with company branding, as approved by Dive Damai.

Our design team was able to meet the branding objectives assigned by Dive Damai by producing a very pretty website that made the most of the stunning images in their portfolio.

We updated the visual layout and designed the website based on a modern WordPress Multisite architecture and we installed an e-commerce section to the site in order to control the bookings for berths of their two vessels.

1. Design meets company branding standards.
2. Direct calls to action for easy contact and berth bookings.
3. Integrated online booking engine.
4. All highly-performing search results retained or increased.

You can take a look at the new Dive Damai website here –

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