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March 18, 2016

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The Bay is a very big complex of restaurants in the beautiful bay area of Nusa Dua. The six food & beverage tenants are all located on the oceanfront, the place is calm and peaceful, but also full of activities for children. The Bay is the perfect place for different kind of events, due to the diversity of each restaurant.

The Bay is a reference for Food & Beverage in Bali. With six businesses in the area it is important that the Bay Bali is represented well online. That's why The Bay decided to contact us, Island Media Management, to help them with their website development project.

The Very Beginning

the bay bali old website
Here's the old The Bay Bali website.

When we were originally contacted by The Bay's general manager, we performed a review of the current site, it was clear that the website design and architecture were outdated and user friendliness was non existent. The dark theme of the site didn't represent the company's services which are all "sand and sun." Furthermore, the website was built on the already-discontinued Drupal 6 content management system by a previous Bali online marketing company that is now defunct. Despite achieving decent search rankings for some of their major search terms, inquiries coming from the site were low due to 1) its lack of a cohesive website design and, 2) its lack of a conversion focus and inconsistent calls to action.


Understanding Their Needs

The Bay Bali website design
The Bay Bali asked us to align their site with their company-wide branding standards.

In our initial talks with the general manager at The Bay, he shared with us his vision of making the website a key component of the company's marketing strategy. He assigned the following goals for us:

1. Align the visual design of the site with the company's overall branding scheme
2. Increase the inquiries coming from the website
3. Provide a professional image that will represent all of the business within the Bay area in Nusa Dua.
4. Preserve and increase rankings for currently performing search terms.
5. Increase reach for new keywords and generally set the site up to be Google SEO friendly.



A Website Design Up to Their High Quality

Final website for The Bay Bali
Final design, aligned with company branding, as approved by The Bay Bali.

Our design team was able to meet the branding objectives assigned by The Bay. We updated the visual layout and designed the website based on a modern WordPress Multisite architecture. This allows the The Bay's multilingual editors to easily access and manage their assigned sections of the site. Our team performed a complete SEO assessment and realignment of the website to bring it up to current standards.

1. Design meets company branding standards
2. Direct calls to action for easy contact
3. All highly-performing search results retained or increased
4. New keyword penetration is ongoing
5. WP multisite used for easy management and scalability

You can take a look at their new website design here - The Bay Bali

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