Website design has come a long way since its inception. With each year, the technical possibilities increase, and it would seem that literally the sky is the limit when it comes to web design. This constant evolution sees new design trends emerge each year, each one pushing the boundaries of just what was possible the year before. 

Some of these emerging website design trends are fresh new takes on older designs, reinventing classic designs, and some are experiments that make use of new website design techniques. Take a look at some of the top website design trends in 2020.

Dark Mode

A prevalent theme recently in design – particularly websites and user interfaces – is the ability to enable dark mode. Apple has implemented this dark mode on their most recent Mac, iPhone, and iPad software, where users have the option to change their UI into a darker version across all menus that support it. 

The benefit of the dark design is that it puts less strain on the eyes, allowing users to spend more time on their devices without feeling fatigued. Dark design elements also help make other design elements, colors, shapes, and textures pop against the dark background. From a technical standpoint, a dark background also saves battery life on devices that feature OLED screens, as it translates to fewer colors to display.

3D Elements

Once considered a design luxury reserved only to those who can afford it, 3D (3 dimensional) visuals are now becoming much more accessible to designers. Advances in hardware and software technology allow 3D design elements to be created in much more practical times, with less rendering times and more complicated elements. 

When executed and designed tastefully, the use of 3D design elements engages more of our senses and provides a more immersive and interactive user-experience upon visiting your website. 

Ultra Minimalist

The minimalist design trend has increasingly been adopted by many brands moving into the new decade. Notable names that have integrated minimalism include Apple, Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Google, just to name a few. 

Now, enter ultra minimalism. The idea behind this design trend is an emphasis on efficient and precision design in the navigation menu to create a seamless user-experience (UX). 

Also, more and more of our Internet interactions occur on a smaller platform such as mobile devices, tablets, and wearable smartwatches. This makes it even more important to improve the layout and design of your navigational menus. 

What did you think of the design trends we highlighted in this article? Have you seen websites that feature these design trends lately? It’s important to keep tabs on emerging design trends on the web, as it allows your business to stand out in the sphere and leave a lasting impression on your visitors!

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