Is it time to give up on your website?

April 16, 2014  |   SEO, Website Development

I know a website that was started around eight years ago that was originally ranking well for many of it’s targeted keywords and phrases. It was steadily growing in a very specific market until that dreaded Panda update a few years ago. You remember the one?

After that update there was some extensive work taken in order to try and get the site back on track as many of the techniques used for SEO then became unacceptable. A lot of the links coming in were of poor quality and the general structure of the site was not Google was looking for.

Fast forward to now and the website has been fixed so that it applies the best and latest Google practices with regards to SEO. But one problem remains… ranks nowhere!

Website rankings for a poor performing website
Huge drop in rankings…is it time to kill this website?

So I had to ask myself the question whether they should keep trying to build this site up again, or whether they should cut their losses and start again.

To kill this website or not? – that is the question

To answer this question we really need to look at what assets they have from this website, what are they getting from it now and how much effort would it take to make the website perform to their minimum expectations?

With around 20 visitors a day and no conversion from the site, the only real asset is the domain URL. At eight years of age this has some value as an older site will help influence SEO positively, to some degree.

With no bookings coming from the site there is no current benefit to having the site there. So we need to make a call on whether to kill it and start again, or try to build it up again.

And the answer is…

Right or wrong …… I feel that starting afresh will definitely be the way to go. If the effort so far has not yielded any results then a fresh start, new design, new content and a brand new linking profile would certainly give me more confidence in the project.

But that call has to come from the owner of the website……what would you do?

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