Website Maintenance Tips for Small Business Owners

April 8, 2013

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There are a lot of reasons why employing a specialist SEO company is the best option when it comes to managing your overall website presence.  However, as a small business owner you will be happy to know that there are a number of things you can check yourself to ensure that your website is running smoothly and that you don’t have any major issues.

Check your website contact information and forms

Website Maintenance tips for small business owners
Website Maintenance tips for small business owners

When was the last time you checked that the emails customers are sending you on your contact form are actually getting to you?  Having customers being able to contact you is critical to any business so ensuring that your contact information is correct and the contact forms are working is very important.  Try sending yourself an email from the contact form and see if it arrives at the right place.  Make sure that any telephone numbers or contact links are working as they should be.

Update promotions and deals on your website

You always want to ensure that any new promotions or updates are displayed clearly on your website so that visitors can see the latest information.  A new promotion is worthless unless people can see it.  Your web designer can help you to manage the website to get maximum visibility for your promotions and deals.

Check your website for broken links and images

Everyone hates clicking on a link only to see that it is broken.  This is really simple to check by just navigating through your website page by page and seeing how the navigation works.  If you have a large site then there are some useful online tools that can help you find broken links.  Broken images are really easy to spot as the image will  not be displayed and there may be alt or title text there, depending on the browser your are using.  Broken links and images just don’t look good and negatively affect your SEO efforts; get them fixed.

Your website needs to load fast

A slow loading website is only going to turn off your customers.  Having to wait for a page that has a really large image or video is a real problem for any website.  Web pages should load quickly giving the visitor the information they need quickly.  When you think about this you need to consider all the internet connection speeds out there.  Not everyone has a high speed broadband connection.

Read your company blog

Blogs are really useful tools to get information and views across to a wide audience.  A good blog is one that is constantly updated with fresh content and new ideas.  If your blog has not been updated for a while then you need to get writing.  I wrote a previous article on reasons to get your in-house experts blogging for your company.

These are just a few tips that small business owners can look at to keep their website in good shape.  If you want more information then you are welcome to talk with us at Island Media Management.

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