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Do You Need to Maintain your Website?

A stagnant and inactive website will only lead your potential customers away from you.

In 2020 Google reported that 40% of websites that are optimized for performance, regress within 6 months to where they were. CSO reports that over 60% of website breaches were from vulnerabilities, for which a patch was available but not implemented. Keeping your website secure requires constant updates.

The web is constantly changing, applications like Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge are constantly updating, competing for market share with improved performance speed and user experience. These changes along with Google's ever changing ranking algorithm mean that you need to be constantly updating your website to ensure performance.

Secure your website
Website Security

Website Security and Backup

One of the main reasons to have website maintenance is security.

Your CMS, themes, and plugins should always be updated to ensure your website has the latest in security changes. This is to avoid hackers from stealing your data.

By having a website maintenance service, our team can help to fully backup your data, make updates, maintain your site’s security, and monitor any changes that should be made. If there are any technical errors identified, we will be able to fix these immediately to prevent further damage to your website.

Website Maintenance with Island Media

Website Maintenance with Island Media

Focus on growing your business and let us help maintain your website!

Our website maintenance service provides you a simple solution to ensure your website runs smoothly and has maximum security as well as the latest updates. We provide a total of four hours of updates each month including full backups, theme and plugin updates, security maintenance, and technical error reparations.

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Why Island Media

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Updates On Request
We can support you on any changes you may need for your website.
Technical Error Reparations
We'll do a systems check regularly to spot and fix any errors on your website.
Hosting Assistance
We can liaise with your hosting provider for any issue you may have with your website.
Fair Pricing, No Surprises.
We tailor our services to suit your budget.

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