Is Your Website Marked SPAM by Search Engine

October 7, 2016  |   Marketing

We have detected duplicated content/pages (website marked spam) on our clients and ask them to do immediate action as it’s hurting their ranking in google or any search engines. The reason being is that search engines began to penalize a website that has duplicated content or pages with an aim to increase rankings. Usually people do this in order to gain as much exposure to the keywords they like. Users ended up clicking on irrelevant websites. Search engine notice this as a spam, especially that it’s making the search engine look less trustworthy. Here are the types of duplicated content that search engines are filtering out.


Identical Pages: When a website has more than one identical page to another website on the internet, this website is considered to be spam. If the website comes with doorway pages, which usually is a skewed version and are identical to other landing pages. Doorway pages are used as spam to search engines and manipulated the results.

Duplicated Articles: Copyright is a legal issue that can penalize someone heavily. It works the same way in search engine. In order to respect originality as well as increasing the trustworthiness of the search engines and the website, we can’t just copy-paste an article and post it on our website.

Product Description: If you have an e-Commerce site, the product description is something that needs to be uniquely crafted to describe the products well. If the products are produced by another manufacturer, it’s really inviting to use their product description on our website. But watch out for it, as this can be considered as duplicated content. You don’t know how many other online stores are using the same keywords.

Knowing these filters are important in order to avoid getting filtered out by search engines. If you happened to use these tactics to get your website in a higher ranking, we can help you detox the website. Simply send us an email, we will be happy to help you back on track.

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