5 Tips to Overcome Common Website Redesign Fears

January 5, 2017

Website Development

Most people fear redesigning their sites but if you consider the benefits, it becomes obvious this is a smart move. Updating your site earns you more trust from search engines and customers.  By switching to a responsive web design, you will have roped in more users, especially those on mobile. With more traffic comes more sales and you will start achieving your business objectives. A new web design also improves the user experience leading to customer loyalty.redesign website

Overcoming the Website Redesign Fears

Like most website owners, you might feel like redesigning your website is jumping into the unknown. However, the above benefits clearly indicate that when it is done right, web redesign will in fact rejuvenate your business. Here are some of the fears you might have and ideas on overcoming them:

  • It is expensive – Of course every business owner is worried about operation costs, but with web redesign, you will in fact be saving money. You should start by setting clear goals on the type of site you want and then ask for a quote that focuses on these goals. With a new web design, it is easier to track and evaluate your marketing strategies and this helps avoid wastage of money.
  • It might not work – Of course you can’t know this but just looking around will give you an idea. Look at your competitors who have redesigned their sites and check their traffic numbers. With Growth-Driven Design (GDD), it is possible to redesign progressively. This helps you track the impact and changes being made.
  • Wrong choice of CMS – Now that you already have your goals, talk to your web designer and evaluate different content management platforms. If you want a simple site, WordPress works perfectly, but if you have some technical skills, Drupal will work for you.
  • Is it worth it? Web redesign helps you meet your business goals. You can easily track marketing tools that are in use and determine what is working and what is not. You should approach web redesign as an investment that will bring good ROI.
  • There is no need for redesign – You might feel like your site looks fine but this might not be so. For instance, is it optimized for mobile, voice search and the latest SEO techniques? You have to use analytics to measure the performance of the site before making a decision.

Web redesign is a smart move to give a better user experience and boost ranking on SERPs, contact us for more details if you want to redesign your website (Website Redesign) or make it to mobile responsive.

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