What Are the 3 Most Important Things Businesses Need to Know About Social Media?

September 2, 2016

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Social media has emerged as one of the most important tools for online marketing. Unfortunately, not many businesses truly understand social media, its value and how to use it effectively. The following are three of the most important things you need to know about social media for the sake of your business.

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Engagement is Key To Success on Social Media

One of the main objectives of social media is to encourage communication. The reason it is such an effective tool is because it gives businesses an opportunity to engage with people. There are many reasons why this engagement is important for businesses:

  • To be visible to consumers
    Consumers today make use of more than just phone calls and emails to communicate with and about brands. They use social media to tweet and share information.
  • To provide consumers with information they need
    Consumers use social media to communicate with brands when they need support as well as information about products or services. It is therefore important to be proactive in responding to inquiries.
  • To find out what consumers say about your brand
    Consumers use social media to share information about brands. You can keep an eye on what people have to say through social media. Tools such as Twitter search are effective for keeping an eye on brand activity.

Providing Value to Consumers

Providing your audience with value is key to increasing your shares, likes and retweets. Your fan base will only grow if people believe that you can offer them valuable information that they can use or share with their own network.

It is therefore important to post information that is not only high-quality but also relevant to your niche or industry. Posting information that is off topic is likely to make you lose credibility within your niche.

Social Media is an Effective Marketing Tool

Although social media wasn’t created as an advertising platform, it can be used effectively for this with the right approach. You need to find the right balance between promotional and informational content. A good rule of thumb to follow is to limit your promotional content to less than 10%.

Think of social media as you would television. Your viewers wouldn’t be interested in watching advertisements most of the time. Other content would be more attractive.

You should ensure that you approach social media with the aim of building relationships with prospective and current customers. This will put you ahead of the pack and ensure loyalty from your fan base.


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