“The only constant is change”

This cliched phrase is probably the only way a marketer can describe their relationship in the ever changing search engine optimization (SEO). Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, which means your SEO strategy revolves and evolves around it.

Luckily, Google’s Webmaster Guidelines clearly notes down what they are looking for:

google webmaster tools seo

  1. Make pages prioritizing the users, not the search engine
  2. Don’t deceive your users
  3. Avoid ‘shortcuts’ or tricks intended to improve search engine rankings
  4. Take into consideration what in your website makes you stand out, engaging, or valuable. Bring something unique to the table

You may notice that these bullet points are very human regardless you trying to make an algorithm understand. You can have an incredibly enticing website built only by technical SEO efforts yet only go so far.

Sure, dense keywords can get your website ranked first on Google driving a ton of traffic to your website, however if these users are not turning into conversions, you’re ultimately wasting your time, effort, and money.

We know how it feels, you’ve given your 110% yet results are still not coming through, and that’s why we’re here. Island Media Management is a talented team of experienced and unique marketing professionals based in the beautiful island of Bali.

Offering digital marketing expertise to businesses of all shapes and sizes and delivering high expectations. On our blog today, we will cover why even the most effective marketing efforts aren’t putting all their eggs into one basket – the answer is not all SEO based.

Let’s (not) get technical

At Island Media Management, we create effective digital marketing strategies by our team of well-rounded individuals who practice the art of fusing technical and analytical understanding of SEO with the creative input required to create engaging content.

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Alt components don’t answer questions; high-quality content does

search optimization

Note that the technical components of SEO – Headers, URL structures, alt attributes, etc – shouldn’t be overlooked.

Obviously businesses want potential customers to know what services they provide, but relevant alt text isn’t an attribute that convinces visitors to stay and explore your site; high-value content is.

The debate whether “quality content” matters is not new to most marketers, but recently SearchMetrics Report on ranking factors have discovered a new approach by the term of “holistic content”.

Meaning that the content incorporates relevant keywords similar to your target keywords to answer search intent more completely.

Here are a few red flags we raise at Island Media Management that you can have total control over and be easily managed:

  1. Broken links
  2. Grammar and spelling errors
  3. Inaccurate information
  4. Comprehensiveness
  5. Webiste loading speed

To generate backlinks, creating quality content can play a huge role! To get Google determining your website’s ranking can be done through the development of authoritative backlink profile. Below are three ways to guarantee your content possesses value:

  1. Your content is original and unique
  2. Your content provides users with answers to a specific problem, leaving them enlightened
  3. It is readable and easy to digest

Get your anti-social website to bloom into a social butterfly

If your website is inherently social, this makes social shares valuable. With the world going digital, people are able to share ideas, maintain long distance relationships, and build or be part of a community.

These are social characteristics you should consider your website to help people do, as this SEO strategy can place a huge impact on social media.

The use of social media can not only target a specific audience, but can help you gather a wider one.

Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and many more make user experience online to get familiar with your brand in a more fun and engaging way; making Google know that you are the real deal.

Of course there are endless possibilities to improve SEO for your website. However, if you feel that it’s becoming heavier by the year, consult with Island Media Management for a strategy that works.

As Bali’s most trustworthy and effective digital marketing consultant in Bali, Island Media Management is at your service.

We offer services that go beyond than just technical components of digital marketing, we are home to the island’s greatest digital marketing analysts, out-of-the-box graphic designers, most organized marketing managers, and fantastic content development team.

We already work with many clients to help them in Search Engine Optimization, managing Google Ads Campaign and leveraging their Social Media through Social Media Management or Social Media Ads.

What we do works. Join us.

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