When you need SEO or PPC?

September 18, 2019

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Digital marketing strategies come in different forms now. One of the main ways to grow your business’ online presence is through the growth of its website. However, in order to get the proper exposure, engagement and reach to your audience, certain strategies have to be implemented, namely Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

In this article, we will be covering both SEO and PPC, and which one should be integrated into your business’ digital marketing strategy.

Determine Advertising Budget

One of the first things to note when deciding between SEO or PPC for your business is budget, and how much you are willing to spend to support your business.

With PPC advertising, you can customize your spending limit that suits your budget.

The benefits of PPC advertising is that you can get immediate traffic to your website, which you can then use the data to test out various aspects of your website, and see how you can improve them. Business websites should have an emphasis on creating conversions, whether that is in the form of sales, form submissions or some other action that fits the needs of your business.

However, if you can’t yet commit to a budget for PPC advertising, then you can still optimize your website through SEO, this would improve your organic search rankings. This involves optimizing your content with relevant keywords, making sure meta descriptions and page titles are accurate, and technical SEO-related elements to help your website crawl better on Google.

Research the Average Cost-per-Click in Your Industry

In addition to determining your budget, you should also look into what other businesses are paying for the keywords you’re advertising for. One way to check this is by using Google’s own keyword search tool and inputting the keywords that you are prospecting for your business. Certain competitive keywords will have a higher price for every click on that keyword; this is referred to as the Cost per Click (CPC), and users can bid what they are willing to pay a single click on these keywords.

Look into How Competitive SERPS are in Your Niche

Another point worth researching before committing to SEO or PPC, is finding out how competitive your target keywords are on the search engine result pages (SERPs). You can get an idea on how competitive a keyword is by entering them into the Google Keyword Research Tool or Keyword Tool.io.

This will evaluate your search keyword and then determine the estimated competition level of your keyword, as well as the number of advertisers that are bidding on your specific keyword, along with the cost per click prices.

When it comes to generating traffic both SEO and PPC have their own place in any business.

It all comes down to what goals you want to achieve, as well as the investment in time and budget that will determine the choice of going either SEO or PPC. Your type of business will also determine which one will be more suitable.

Do you want to start with SEO or PPC?

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