Why Website Design is Important?

September 13, 2019  |   Branding, Business Services, Design, Website Design

Nowadays, having an online presence is more important than ever as it is likely to be the first interaction a customer has with your business. Establishing your online presence will expose your business to a variety of a potential customers, potentially opening them up to sales with your business.

With that in mind, the first thing that your visitors will notice upon reaching your homepage is the design. Therefore, it is imperative that you pay close attention to the design of your website. We cannot stress enough the importance of functional and intuitive design to your business.

Website Design Helps Build a Nice First Impression

As we prefaced briefly above, one of the first things your prospective customers will see upon landing on your page is the imagery and design of the website. The layout of information, how the navigation menus are arranged, the color palette, how text and information is displayed, all of these are contributing factors to the first impression.

If your website is designed poorly, or visitors find it unappealing, they may form a negative impression on your business which can be detrimental in the long run and also hurt your brand equity if not amended soon. You’ll also miss out on potential leads or conversions because of this.

Supplements your SEO

Many elements of website design are specifically tuned to aid with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In 2019, Search Engines favour websites with quality user experience, mobile responsiveness and page load speed. This involves how content is laid out and published on the side, the design layout of your text, making sure your images are optimized for page-speed loading, and much more.

All these practices help optimize your website overall, and when not properly designed it may compromise how search engines index and crawl your website.

Nice Website Design Help Build Audience Trust

Think of the last time you visited a polished website. You’ll remember how the elements were perfectly laid out, how the content is easy and legible to read, and also how quick and seamlessly the pages loaded.

All of these come together to form a harmony of user experience (UX), which instills trust in your audience and visitors on the site – which ultimately leads to better brand recognition and maybe even conversions.

Stay Ahead of Competition

If you still need another reason to tell yourself why website design is important, it is to keep up and stay ahead of your competition.

If anything, you want to make sure you’re ahead of the game by setting the standards for website design and interface that attracts your customers.

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