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July 17, 2015  |   Blogging, Webmaster

WordPress is the most popular open source system for content management globally. Today, WordPress powers about 22 percent of all running websites. There are many job opportunities that are generated by WordPress across the world. Millions of businesses and websites are using WordPress to make money.

How to Learn WordPress in a Week?

The most amazing thing about WordPress is that learning it in a week requires you to commit only a few hours of your day to do the following:

Monday: Setup

In the first day, install WordPress and set it up. This entails deciding whetherto have WordPress.org or WordPress.com. WordPress.org is the best option for individuals and businesses that want to realize the real WordPress power. After making your decision, choose your hosting and domain. These allow internet users to search, find and visit your website.

example of wordpress theme

Tuesday: Learn the Basics of WordPress

There are some videos that can guide you on the WordPress dashboard. These will guide you through the steps of adding videos, images, and other content. There is also the WordPress dictionary that should help you find the definition of terms that you do not understand. The next thing is to learn major concepts that include categories versus tags and posts versus pages.

If there is more time left for you, explore the beginners guide that is filled with vital information. At this point, you will have already mastered the admin area and you are ready to learn about plug-ins.

Wednesday: Learn to use plugins

Plugins give WordPress power its real power. They allow for the expansion of a website’s functionality, which includes creating a store and adding the contact forms. The official repository for WordPress plugins has over 32,000 free plugins. This large number can overwhelm beginners and that is why you need to use the beginner’s guide to choose the most appropriate WordPress plugins.

Thursday: Learn to use WordPress Themes

The look of a website is controlled by WordPress themes. These are templates that are pre-made for installation and are used to customize a website. WordPress provides thousands of premium and free themes. Choose a theme that allows you to balance between powerful features and a beautiful design. There is a guide for choosing a perfect theme for your site.

Friday: Customize WordPress

There are different personalization needs for every website. There are many questions that you should answer on the basis of the purpose of your website. For instance, how will you add the contact form? How will you create a home page or add a blog posts’ page? Base your customization on your answers to these questions and then watch video tutorials to learn more about customizing WordPress.

Start Using WordPress Now!

It’s not hard to understand about WordPress, but in the other hand it gives big benefits for your website. If you’re a businessman or an individual who want to get spotlight on internet, we strongly recommend you to start learning about WordPress now.

If you have other easy ways to learn WordPress in short period of time, please let us know.

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