The three WordPress plugins I love to use most

April 29, 2014  |   Blogging, SEO, Website Development

Sitting here this morning in the office I realized that life would be much harder without the use of some pretty cool WordPress plugins. When we build websites at Island Media Management we always recommend WordPress as it is easy to use for us and for the client when it comes to updating content. This CMS has a lot to offer!
You don’t need to take my word for it either, you can see thousands of huge companies that are using WordPress.

Wordpress PLugins are great for building websites

WordPress Plugins

When I look to start a web project I will always consider a handful of plugins before even getting down to the design stage of the site. These are just three plugins that get installed before I even think about anything else.


Every one hates SPAM but this fantastic little plugin is essential for getting rid of 99.99% of spam comments. It really is effective and once you input your key you rarely get any more spam coming through, it is all filtered for you.
See more information about Akismet.

Better WP Security

WordPress is fairly secure but as one of the largest CMS in the industry it does attract a bit of attention from hackers. With Better WP Security (or Itheme Security as it has just be renamed) you can beef up your security to make sure any risk associated with your site is minimized. Whilst the program is easy to use you do need to be careful with this plugin; it is easy to wipe your site our with a click of a button. Remember those backups!
See more information about Better WP Security.

SEO by Yoast

I think we all know we love SEO at Island Media Management and so this plugin is loved by all of us in the office. Yoast allows us to make websites that comply with Google’s best SEO practices. It’s a lovely plugin that is easy to use and helps us put together pages that are going to rank well. This is not a total solution but it is a great plugin to get started.
See more information about SEO by Yoast.

Want to build a WordPress website?

If you are looking to build a new website, or convert your old site into something new, then look no further than WordPress as a great option. At Island Media Management we can help you to design and develop top quality WordPress sites that suits your business needs. I just finished a new project for our company using WordPress, you can see that at Let me what you think about it.

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